12oz Can of CIPHER Cold Brew Coffee
12FL OZ (355mL) CAN OF COLD BREW COFFEE (9600 Cans)

USE:   Enjoy this single serving size of cold brew like never before – Our ‘grab & go’ format works well for college environments, bike rides, hikes, giveaways, sporting events, fundraisers, vending machines, daily commutes, picnics, or just hanging around the house. 

FORMAT:  Our cold brew coffee will be provided in 9600 one-use recyclable 12FL OZ (355mL) cans which are environmentally sound while also providing a fresh product with a shelf life of 120 days in a refrigerated environment. Providing one-use recyclable 12FL OZ (355mL) cans eliminates the need for returns, cleaning issues, or deposits.


SUBSCRIPTION: Contact us today to understand how you can have this format of cold brew in ‘on demand’ fashion with our subscription service!