5Gal CIPHER Cold Brew Keg5GAL (640OZ) KEG OF COLD BREW COFFEE (60 kegs)

USE:   Equivalent to the size of twenty-five wine bottles - Enjoy 80, 8oz glasses of cold brew coffee (each keg). Providing cold brew on tap! Our 5GAL format fits inside of a regular kegerator refrigerator, providing the ability to dispense as needed through any given week, ensuring you have cold brew “on-demand” without any additional hassle. Our 5GAL keg format works well for daily consumption, medium size gatherings, college environments, sporting events, fundraisers, picnics, or just hanging around the house. Enjoy cold brew like never before! 

FORMAT:  Our cold brew coffee will be provided in 60 one-use recyclable 5GAL kegs which are environmentally sound while also providing a fresh product with a shelf life of 120 days. Providing one-use recyclable 5GAL kegs eliminates the need for returns, cleaning issues, or deposits.


SUBSCRIPTION: Contact us today to understand how you can have this format of cold brew in ‘on demand’ fashion with our subscription service!