Ex. 3L Nutrition Label


Ex. 3L Self Dispensing Bag Nutrition Label (this is consistent throughout our product, only thing that changes is the serving size per product.)



Coffee and Water

We have no added preservatives
We use only premium espresso beans
Made within 72 hours of roasting
Shelf life of 120 days (Refrigerated)
Our products are kept refrigerated

We take the arduous process of cold brewing out of your hands, and provide you with the ability to have premium fresh cold brew coffee in "on-demand" fashion for pure enjoyment.  Our cold brew capitalizes on the premium beans from Ladro's Flagship Espresso blend.  With taste notes of creamy chocolate, dark cherry and caramel, every batch of cold brew is made within 72 hours of roasting.  The result is a smooth, fresh, and consistent taste from first sip to last!