As our product is made fresh, we have a 5 week lead time for each order.  All of our orders are on a prepaid/preorder format.  Once payment has been received, we process your order.  Unfortunately, we are not able to provide any other terms at this point in time.  


COVERAGE - Continental United States

Depending upon the volume purchased, we currently offer a "drop-ship" method for delivery.  This "drop-shipping" method is only available in the Continental United States.  

LOCAL - DC Metropolitan region (Maryland, Virginia, DC)

If you are local to the DC Metropolitan region (Maryland, Virginia, DC), we offer local delivery. Please note, certain volume purchase restrictions apply.

INTERNATIONAL NEEDS - If you have international needs for our cold brew coffee, we can coordinate a delivery within the Continental United States and have you continue the transport from there to meet your international needs.


Understanding that all of our products are perishable items, we do require a signature for all deliveries to be completed, as we want to ensure our exceptional product is delivered in the fashion we expect - to have you as the customer, have the best experience.


All of our estimated times for delivery will be communicated to our end customer as soon as we have it readily available.  We are happy to answer any questions, concerns, in order to ensure delivery is provided when expected.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations when it comes to delivery, as in our "on-demand" model of doing business - nobody should be inconvenienced.  


As much as we try, there are certain conditions and circumstances which are out of our control.  If for whatever reason, there is a delay, we will definitely keep all of our customers well informed so they can plan accordingly to accept their next delivery of CIPHER cold brew coffee.


As we live in a technology centric era, we are constantly exploring and deploying leading edge technologies to help provide exceptional tracking, communications, and ultimate delivery of our products in the best fashion.  


CIPHER is committed to offering an exceptional quality product.  Our goal is to ensure that our products meet or exceed your expectations on quality.  If you aren’t satisfied with the quality of your perishable item ordered online, and delivered, we’ll try our hardest to understand your dissatisfaction, and work with you on an equitable resolution. 

Unfortunately, as all of our products are perishable, we cannot accept any returns.  Unlike other non-perishable products, products that are perishable are unable to be resold after they are sent back to us.

Once again, our goal is to have happy customers, while providing them with exceptional cold brew coffee.  Please let us know how we can achieve our goal.


If for whatever reason, you are not interested in continuing our subscription service for providing exceptional cold brew coffee, we require that you notify us in writing thirty (30) days prior to your intended cancellation date.  Please note, any orders placed prior to us receiving your written notification will be billed and delivered.

Most importantly, if you decide to cancel our service, - we would want to further understand your dissatisfaction, so we can keep you as a customer.  We know that life happens and things change, but we would like to continue to provide you with our exceptional cold brew coffee in the "on-demand" fashion anyone would expect.