on-demand world, have your cold brew coffee in same fashion!
We live in an "on demand" world, so why not have cold brew coffee in the same fashion? CIPHER, a Bethesda Maryland company partnered with Seattle’s Ladro Roasting, provides premium Cold Brew Coffee as a Service (CBCaaS) in an "on demand" fashion in several different formats. We take the arduous process of cold brewing out of your hands, and provide you with the ability to have premium fresh cold brew coffee in “on-demand” fashion for pure enjoyment. Whether you are looking for a single serving, enhance a party, have cold brew "on tap" at home, or in the office - we are your service provider!

Set yourself apart from the competition by providing your clients an option for premium cold brew coffee in an "on demand" fashion. The one thing you can expect from CIPHER is fresh, great tasting cold brew coffee!  We can drop ship to any of your locations within the Continental United States*. *Certain restrictions apply for delivery. Our cold brew coffee is made within 72 hours of roasting resulting in a level of freshness that differentiates us from our competitors. Additionally, the shelf life of our refrigerated product offering is 120 days, without any added preservatives.